Pencil Lines Blog Hop!!!

It´s finally time for the
Pencil Lines birthday celebration to start!
And what better way of celebrating, than having a blog hop, with lots of yummy giveaways!!

And when i say yummy, I mean YUMMY!!

This is what my giveaway consists of
Nook and Pantry-Do me a favor-Cupcake kit &  Cupcake-clearstamps both from basic grey

Arent these just the sweetest??

All you have to do is leave me a comment, sounds easy right?! =)

You'll have until Sunday 12pm - I'll draw  a winner on monday

To continue your blog hop, just hop on over to Carole

Take care

Postat av: Alison-lee

Loving these stamps, not seen them before.

Postat av: Johanna

Det här verkar kul! Följer både din blogg och Pencil lines.

2009-10-16 @ 22:34:43
Postat av: karen

oh cupcakes delish xx

2009-10-16 @ 23:43:53
Postat av: Claire Crompton

Those stamps look lovely. Could make some sweet cards with those.

2009-10-16 @ 23:57:11
Postat av: anna

Oh wow these are totally gorgeous!

2009-10-17 @ 00:14:17
Postat av: Kerri Norrod

I love the Nook and Pantry Line. I have preordered the paper pack, and chipboard. My one other hobby is photography.

2009-10-17 @ 00:28:35
Postat av: schmoo

Oh, this is so cute.

2009-10-17 @ 01:17:20
Postat av: Jimjams

At last! Cupcakes that DON'T increase your waist-line!

Happy Birthday Pencil Lines

2009-10-17 @ 01:19:14
Postat av: Cindy_rs

Thanks so much!!

2009-10-17 @ 01:45:14
Postat av: Leilani

Love the layout of your nephew's birthday! Thanks for offering a rak!

2009-10-17 @ 02:42:54
Postat av: Lara B

Wouldn't you know i am making cupcakes for work tomorrow! How fitting you are giving them away.

2009-10-17 @ 03:00:50
Postat av: Janet Zeppa

I love that stamp set!!! TFS!

2009-10-17 @ 03:18:46
Postat av: Selena

Yum, love cupcakes!

2009-10-17 @ 03:45:37
Postat av: Sandy L

Wow - yummy! TY for the opportunity to win and Happy Birthday!

2009-10-17 @ 03:54:11
Postat av: nitasha

yes, these are yummmy little treats!

2009-10-17 @ 04:08:35
Postat av: Andrea MacDonald

oh my what a great giveaway. I sure hope you pick me. I love everything about cupcakes.

2009-10-17 @ 04:41:25
Postat av: pam

Those are really cute

2009-10-17 @ 04:45:01
Postat av: Susan C.

What a fun prize! And what a fun hop!!

2009-10-17 @ 05:08:17
Postat av: Joanne

Thanks for this drawing!

2009-10-17 @ 05:30:54
Postat av: jeanie nieva

aside from scrapping, i also like surfing the net. thanks for a chance to play. :)

2009-10-17 @ 06:20:51
Postat av: sookie

You are absolutely right! Those are uber yummy RAK! Thank you for the chance to win!

2009-10-17 @ 07:14:13
Postat av: KarinS

Vilka härliga cupcakes! Vill gärna vinna! :)

2009-10-17 @ 07:47:00
Postat av: Lulu UK

Loving the blog hop!

2009-10-17 @ 08:12:17
Postat av: Sue Bone

Happy birthday pencil lines

2009-10-17 @ 08:26:19
Postat av: Leanne

What a gorgeous give away ~ yummy.

2009-10-17 @ 08:34:27
Postat av: Ems Fronda

Love your works! such inspiration! what a lovely rak!

2009-10-17 @ 09:00:01
Postat av: Michelle M.

Oh my gosh, I love you giveaway! YUMMY for sure! PINK ME PINK ME

2009-10-17 @ 09:43:09
Postat av: Sylvia Fish

Hi Carina

Great to find your site!


2009-10-17 @ 09:45:29
Postat av: Tanya

love pencil lines

2009-10-17 @ 10:02:14
Postat av: LillBlomman

Mmmmm verkligen yummie!! Dessa skulle passa preciiiiiiiis hemma hos mig! Många kramizar!

2009-10-17 @ 10:27:28
Postat av: jo sowerby

ooh cupcakes yummy,

jo xx

2009-10-17 @ 10:32:10
Postat av: Helene

Åh, såååå fina!! Skulle garanterat passa hos mig ;-) Kram

2009-10-17 @ 12:07:27
Postat av: Sue

Ooooo I Loooooove Stamps !!

2009-10-17 @ 12:44:53
Postat av: Kathy

What fun this is! Such a wealth of inspiraton.

2009-10-17 @ 12:45:28
Postat av: shire

Oh, your rak is soooo sweet!

I wish you a nice weekend!

Greetings INga

2009-10-17 @ 13:02:38
Postat av: Isolde

Looks so yummie!!!

2009-10-17 @ 13:13:25
Postat av: Zarah

They're adorable! However - I'm not sure I could do them justice the way YOU could. IF I won- I think I'd have to beg you to make me a cupcake & a card... THAT would be a treat!! :D

2009-10-17 @ 13:22:48
Postat av: Szabina

I love these stamps :) Thanks for the chance!

2009-10-17 @ 13:27:41
Postat av: donna e.

thanks for the sweet giveaway, thanks for the chance to win it!

2009-10-17 @ 13:31:50
Postat av: Iara

love stamps and love cupcakes! thanks for the chance to win and happy birthday to pencil lines!

2009-10-17 @ 14:19:29
Postat av: christine

happy birthday pencil lines, i love these cupcakes thanks for the chance to win.

2009-10-17 @ 14:26:53
Postat av: teres

Those qute boxes are just to die for ;)!

2009-10-17 @ 14:44:27
Postat av: påhlsson helena

jag hoppar på , tror det skapas i massor.. hihi

2009-10-17 @ 15:17:04
URL: http://www.helenaspysselplace.blogg.
Postat av: Frauke

Oh that looks really yummy !!!

2009-10-17 @ 15:28:52
Postat av: Dawn Tavela

How adorable!!! :-)

2009-10-17 @ 15:29:00
Postat av: Ellen E.

Cute cupcakes! Would love to give those as a gift!

2009-10-17 @ 15:29:32
Postat av: Monique de Kok

Wow, these cupcakes are amazing!!!

2009-10-17 @ 16:03:26
Postat av: Cristina

What a sweet prize!!!

2009-10-17 @ 16:13:23
Postat av: Anna Stenwick

what an adorable RAK, thanks!

2009-10-17 @ 16:17:15
Postat av: jamie

how neat!

2009-10-17 @ 16:28:20
Postat av: Jenn

So cute! Thanks for the chance. Have a great day!

2009-10-17 @ 17:07:51
Postat av: Gabi Butcher

What an awesome giveaway!!!

2009-10-17 @ 17:09:27
Postat av: Jordan

How CUTE!! Thanks for the chance!

2009-10-17 @ 17:23:35
Postat av: Anonym

These are sooo cute! Thank you for the chance!

2009-10-17 @ 17:55:22
Postat av: Yeong Shong Ng

that really is a yummy yummy RAK

2009-10-17 @ 18:09:17
Postat av: Char- D

Such a cute kit. Thanks for the chance to win.

2009-10-17 @ 18:10:16
Postat av: Nzingha

what sweet looking cupcakes.. and I love cupcakes

2009-10-17 @ 18:25:40
Postat av: kaz


2009-10-17 @ 19:19:17
Postat av: Gail

How cute! I'd love to win this.

2009-10-17 @ 19:23:21
Postat av: Belinda

Such a cute giveaway! I also love to sew.

2009-10-17 @ 19:27:32
Postat av: Jackie

Wow loving the giveaway!

2009-10-17 @ 20:31:39
Postat av: marina

OOOOOO Cupcake i just love any cupcake stamps it is one of my favourite things to put on my cards, what a great set of stamps they are to add to my collection. thankyou for giving me the change to win them xx

2009-10-17 @ 20:42:32
Postat av: Ginny

Love the cupcake stuff, so cute!

2009-10-17 @ 21:38:54
Postat av: Nancy K

Such cute stamps. Thanks for the great RAK.

2009-10-17 @ 21:56:11
Postat av: Kim

Those cupcakes are adorable! Great giveaway.

2009-10-17 @ 21:59:16
Postat av: mica

Hi there! Loving your blog.

2009-10-17 @ 22:01:23
Postat av: Amber

I ADORE cupcakes, but now w/this creative twist...can't get any better!:)

2009-10-17 @ 22:50:44
Postat av: Reija

jag vill ata upp de dar pappersmuffinsen! mmmmmmm.

2009-10-17 @ 23:14:48
Postat av: Julia.K

mmhh, cupcakes stamps, yummy

2009-10-17 @ 23:32:25
Postat av: xing

Looks so tasty :) I really like your layouts: very inspiring

2009-10-17 @ 23:37:20
Postat av: scrapperita

I love cupcake... I'm a "cupcakeaholic" :))) and I love stamps... thanks!

2009-10-18 @ 00:27:50
Postat av: Suzanne Daniels

Cupcakes! Who doesn't love a cupcake. So Yummy and Delicious. Thanks for a fantastic RAK.

2009-10-18 @ 01:08:26
Postat av: Cynthia B.

So fun! Cupcakes are the cutest, and BG's are adorable. Thanks for the chance to win!

Happy Birthday, Pencil Lines!

2009-10-18 @ 02:15:33
Postat av: Mirjam

Love these stamps too, great for birthday cards, never seen them before either in the Netherlands. Happy anniversary too you girls you have given me lots of mojo!!

2009-10-18 @ 02:20:55
Postat av: C. Wang

Love Basic Grey!

2009-10-18 @ 05:04:38
Postat av: Linn

beautiful stamps :) and yummy cupcakes :)

2009-10-18 @ 06:12:52
Postat av: Julie Rainbolt

totally love the cupcakes, thanks for the chance to win these

2009-10-18 @ 06:38:02
Postat av: tammy

ok...who doesn't love cupcakes???? Great prize! thanks for the chance to win!

2009-10-18 @ 09:24:37
Postat av: Sandra

Cupcake-stamps!! How cute are these?! I looove cupcakes! Thank you for the chance and happy anniversary! :)

2009-10-18 @ 09:32:00
Postat av: Inga

love thr cupcakes! Great!

2009-10-18 @ 11:12:42
Postat av: Denise M.

I can't wait

2009-10-18 @ 11:29:03
Postat av: Meri

Verkligen "yummy"!!! Jättekram från Meri!

2009-10-18 @ 13:09:56
Postat av: Erika M

I adore anything cupcake!

2009-10-18 @ 14:42:20
Postat av: Morfen

Åh vad roligt med PL:s födelsedag. Jag är gärna med och vinner ditt yummy kit. :D


2009-10-18 @ 14:49:21
Postat av: Scrapfool

Love your giveaway - cupcakes are my favorite :)

2009-10-18 @ 16:24:34
Postat av: Ria Johnson

I love those cupcakes! thanks for the chance to win!

2009-10-18 @ 16:27:02
Postat av: Jana Eubank

What cute cupcakes and I LOVE the page you posted above. Love how your design just POPS off that lovely pink woodgrain background. Thanks for the chance to play! :)

2009-10-18 @ 17:36:15
Postat av: Carmen O.

Great blog! Thanks for the chance to stamps and cupcakes are so fun!!!

Postat av: Caterina

How delicious cupcakes! thank for the chance! hugs

2009-10-18 @ 20:22:40
Postat av: mia.t

Vilka läckerbitar!!!

2009-10-18 @ 21:54:59
Postat av: Sarah

What no tricky question? Ok, I shall leave a comment saying how much I like your LOs. Lovely!

2009-10-18 @ 22:25:18
Postat av: Aimee

Not sure I made it on time, but regardless, this is a fun blog hop! Thank you!

2009-10-18 @ 22:50:16
Postat av: Shari

Well I love cupcakes so I hope that I can be entered in! Oh and fun blog hop LOVE IT!

2009-10-18 @ 23:07:24
Postat av: BoBo

What a great giveaway! Thanks!

2009-10-19 @ 00:41:07

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